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CSP Spotlight: National Nutrition Month – Nurturing Healthy Relationships with Food

26 Mar 2018 DCL Staff
CSP Spotlight: National Nutrition Month – Nurturing Healthy Relationships with Food Community Service Programs of West Alabama

Establishing a positive feeding relationship during infancy can have lifetime benefits. According to registered dietitian nutritionist and child feeding expert Ellyn Satter, the key to a healthy feeding relationship is the appropriate division of responsibility.

Adult Responsibilities:

·         Adults are responsible for what food is present and how it is presented.

·         Choose foods that are the right texture, so your baby's tongue and mouth can control it and swallow easily.

·         Hold your baby on your lap when you first introduce solid foods. Then move your baby to a safe high chair.

·         Support your baby well in an upright position for easy exploration of the food.

·         Have your baby sit up straight and face forward. This makes swallowing easier and choking less likely.

·         Talk in a quiet, encouraging voice while you feed. There's no need to be entertaining. Babies are easily overwhelmed and distracted with games.

Child Responsibilities:

·         Children are responsible for how much and whether they eat.

·         Wait for your baby to pay attention to each spoonful before you feed it.

·         Let your baby touch the food in the dish and on the spoon. You wouldn't want to eat something if you didn't know anything about it, would you?

·         Feed at your baby's tempo. Don't feed faster or slower than your baby prefers.

·         As soon as your baby shows an interest in touching or holding food, allow self-feeding with finger foods.

·         Heading turning is a common cue that your baby is done, and it is time to stop feeding.

Community Service Programs of West Alabama (CSP), Inc.’s Head Start/Early Head Start, Child Care Partnership, and Early Intervention programs engage families and encourage healthy lifestyle choices. Safe and healthy children are ready to learn and explore their world.

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