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Color Trends for Beautiful Southern Kitchens

By Courtney Corbridge


Every good Southern cook needs their space. And even when space is hard to come by, white cabinets can create the illusion of space. Consequently, in the last few years, white kitchens have been the clear “in” item for residential kitchens in Alabama and throughout the south; they look clean, feel large, and bring brightness to potentially congested spaces.


But looking clean and staying clean aren’t necessarily the same thing, and busy area moms know that best. Luckily for you, designers suggest that light grays will soon match or even top the call for bright whites. These grays still open the look of your home, but they will not show the dirty finger prints or spills as much as their whiter counterparts.


Less common, but equally trendy, are the olive greens popping up in cabinetry and remodeling magazines. The green has a natural, earthy quality that will allow your room to mimic your healthier organic food choices. It also reflects the beautiful outdoors that we here in Alabama enjoy nearly year-round. But you don’t have to commit to green cabinets to bring this mood into your kitchen. Other options are, of course, green backsplashes, light olive green trim, or even the now-popular indoor herb gardens. Whether as a wall or just as potted pieces for the counter tops, fresh basil, parsley, mint, and rosemary can go a long way to de-sterilize the look of your kitchen and give it some life.


Statement walls and wallpapers are, of course, always another option to dress up an otherwise drab kitchen, but for an even trendier twist, try introducing a colored sink. Apron sinks have become especially popular, and people are ordering them in everything from greens and apricots to teals. If there is no statement wall, this becomes a fantastic alternative to dress things up.


All in all, neutrals still get the win in the kitchen, but don’t be afraid to liven things up a little here and there. It will make it more personal and help your cooking space feel a little more like home. And isn’t that the true hallmark of a great Alabama kitchen?


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